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Pay Your Insurance PremiumNow you can pay your insurance premium right here if your insurance carrier is listed below.

No need to keep track of phone numbers and addresses for each company that you use.  Just scroll down below to find your insurance company and click the appropriate button to make a payment.

Of course, if you have difficulty connecting or would like further help for any reason, our representatives here at the Ewing, Hines & Associates Insurance Company are always glad to assist.  

Reach us at 301-942-8220 or by e-mail .



Please use the following information to make your premium payments.

(Please consult your policy to be sure of your insurance company's name, etc.; or feel free to contact us for assistance.)

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Erie Insurance Group insured may pay premiums online.

Progressive insuredmay pay premiums online.

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AIC insured may pay premiums online.

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United Health Care does not accept online or phone payments.  Please contact our office.